A1278 is a product that I have had for years. I still remember what it felt like to hold my first iPhone when I got it, and I still appreciate that I got it in white. This apple charger is a perfect size for a 12-inch MacBook. Now I can charge my iPhone and MacBook at the same time, which is awesome.

The perfect size is the part that I hate. With this charger, the charger cannot fit on the MacBook. The charger has to be on the MacBook to be able to charge it, which is annoying. If your MacBook was only made to go with a 12-inch MacBook, this wouldn’t be a problem, but the MacBook was made for a 12-inch MacBook and it is still a problem.

I dont know what Apple’s marketing team is thinking, but I still think they could have left this charger in the MacBook. The other charger in the image is a problem because it is too big to fit on a MacBook.

I’m not sure I understand the problem, but Apple’s marketing team would have to have a great sense of humor not to put a charger that is so small.

I have a 12-inch MacBook and I have a charger I bought for it. I dont have a problem with this because it still works, but this charger is a problem. Apples marketing team could have made this smaller.

I’m really glad Apple is finally acknowledging the problems of their own products. It’s amazing. I’ve been saying for years that Apple is a platform for evil corporations, that it’s a platform for the most evil corporations on the planet, that it is one of the worst companies in the history of companies. I think I’ve even said it myself.

I have to agree. Apple is the platform for evil corporations on the planet, and this is a huge problem. Apple products are made by evil corporations. Just a few weeks ago they were in a conference where they had to explain “evil” to the people, and this is a company that has a horrible track record for evil. I don’t know how they can explain themselves. This is a company that has the worst image of any company anywhere.

A1278 is a Macbook charger that you can buy on Amazon. It has a USB-C port, so it works with either USB-C or Lightning devices. It’s a great charger, and it looks like it costs less than $60, making it the best-value Mac charger. It’s not too bad to carry around, and it looks cool and classy.

The people at Amazon must be so proud of this. I mean seriously, Apple’s best-selling product in the last three years is a $300 charger that looks like a giant plastic frog that shoots lightning bolts from its mouth. And yet it’s one of the best products you can buy for $70. I guess Amazon is finally giving Apple a run for its money.

What makes the $69.99 A1278 the best-selling electric Mac charger? In a lot of ways, this is the Apple we’ve always known. The A1278 is a great Mac charger because it’s cheap, it looks nice, and it’s a great value.