I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a fan of Apple. I’m a fan of the iPhone and the MacBook Air, but I’m always up for a new operating system. The new OS X Mavericks will be my first exposure to Apple’s new operating system and I’m excited to try it out.

Apple has been notorious for their shady terms and conditions. The latest being that they will only let you down by saying, “Look, we are going to give you a free upgrade if you do this, or we will remove the upgrade option if you do that.” If that is indeed true, then this new OS X Mavericks won’t be free. It will be a bit more expensive, but only by a bit.

Apple is the company that lets you get a free upgrade for upgrading to the new OS X Mavericks if you do the deal with them. Apple has been known for this for a while, but this policy means that you can now only upgrade to the new OS X Mavericks after you pay for it. This policy is not the same as the previous one where you could simply get a free upgrade to get the new OS X Mavericks.

It’s probably not as bad as the previous policy because I could upgrade to the new OS X Mavericks without paying for it, but I really don’t want to pay for something without knowing what it is that I’ll receive in return.

Also, the new OS X Mavericks has an interesting new feature called “Apple Remote,” which allows you to use your computer’s Remote Desktop app to interact with your Mac in a similar way to a Mac on your desk. Its not a huge deal to use it, but its kinda cool.

What’s really cool is that the new OS X Mavericks will allow you to transfer your user information from any computer you own to others. You can use this feature to get your entire user profile and settings from your iPhone to your Mac, and vice versa. So you can even share your iCloud account with someone else, or have your Facebook account transferred to your Mac, or whatever you want to do.

This is a new feature, and to be honest I think it’s cool, but in the coming weeks I will be using it every day. For reference, I have a Macbook Air, and my Macbook Pro has iCloud.

This feature is free, but requires Apple ID. You can get it free by logging into your account from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch account. Or you can use Apple’s website and get it for a minimal fee. Once you purchase your Apple ID, you will be able to get your account information from other accounts as well.

Apple’s freebie is a little misleading. It’s not free for the account, just for using it. I will be using Apple’s freebie for everything.

Apple’s freebie doesn’t mention that you can use iCloud to store all your files, but the freebie doesn’t allow you to sync files back and forth. Plus, the freebie doesn’t allow you to transfer files across multiple devices. So you have to use the paid iCloud version to keep your files.