I was in a chatroom with some friends and I saw this video. That’s when I realized I was in a chatroom with Dr. Dre. And we were talking about the science of drug addiction, basically how it affects the mind, the brain, and the body. He also said that the brain can heal itself, but the body is not meant to heal itself. I knew what he was talking about and I felt like I was on cloud nine.

Well, I’m not really sure about that. I mean, Dr. Dre is a drug addict. But when they go into rehab, they come back strong. He’s a pretty good guy. I mean, I’m not saying he’s a superhero or anything, but he’s got a lot of good things going for him.

I was really impressed by that. I mean after listening to a couple of his songs, I was like, “You know what, for real. I think he knows things.” And he said he was a scientist. I like that. He is a scientist.

Dr. Dre is a drug himself, and that’s probably why he can get so high. But in his own way, he is one of the smartest people I know. In fact, he likes to say that “I think I’m a scientist and I’m not a drug addict.” In the past year though, I have seen him get pretty messed up. I mean, we all saw how he was with his younger sister, and I think we all felt bad for him.

I am talking about the guy who killed himself. I can’t believe I’m saying this about a guy who was famous for making music for more than a decade.

One of my worst moments on the internet was when I learned that dr beat cord was supposed to be a rapper. It wasn’t. This is just the latest example of a person who has done a lot of terrible things and then tries to pretend he’s still in the game. The fact is, I think dr beat cord is a better person than most of us who are still trying to figure out what the fuck I did.

Well, dr beat cord has been a rapper for over 20 years and has been on the music scene for over a decade. I dont mind that hes in the game for a long time, but he isnt in a game for a long time. The fact is, most rappers dont have to be in games for very long. The reason why is simple, they cant afford to.

This is because they cant afford to be on TV or on the radio. This is because they cant afford to produce music. This is because they cant afford to tour, or to write songs, or to produce and perform live. All these things are necessary if you want rappers to be successful.

In many ways rap music is still a young, small, and relatively unknown industry with a limited fan base. It is also a relatively small industry because a large portion of rappers aren’t even making money at it. This means that rappers are competing with other rappers (and with other businesses) for the attention of fans.

One reason why rappers have difficulty getting more radio play is because they don’t have the skills to produce music of their own. In the past, rappers would go to some of the bigger and most well-known recording studios and they could produce their own music. This was because the studios used to hire some of the top musicians in the country.