My husband and I have a dual lightning adapter that has allowed our phone to be the phone and the TV remote. It’s brilliant and we’re going to use it with our other gadgets.

With two devices to control, it makes for some pretty awesome dual-control setups. But dual controls can be dangerous too, because if you have a device that’s both your phone and your TV remote, that can be quite confusing.

I’m not a huge fan of dual controls on phones, but I do like them on tablet computers and laptops. The reason is that you can have one device control the phone, and then the tablet controls the TV screen, and then the laptop controls the TV. This is pretty much how I use my laptop and my tablet.

I think I would be okay without dual controls on my phone. If I wanted to be able to control my TV from my phone, I would use an app like Plex. This is because I am not a TV person, so I don’t want the options to be too overwhelming.

There are also a lot of reasons to use these dual controls, including the fact that they’re really convenient. A TV is always on, whether you’re sitting in front of it or not. It also means you can use your phone to play games on the big screen without getting it to take over completely. Not having to control the TV from your phone is really convenient.

I find it a bit strange that the device in the demo is a regular one rather than a smart one, since that doesn’t seem to be a major feature of the game. It also would be a bit awkward that you would use a regular TV as a controller with a smart controller. The only thing that I can think of is that when you’re using your phone as a controller, it would be much easier to do things like take a picture with it.

I guess if you’re looking for extra control you could always use a tablet as a controller. Or maybe a gamepad. I don’t know.

This is one of my favorite parts of the demo. It seems like you can use both your phone and your tablet as a controller. So if you’re ever getting frustrated with having to use your phone as a controller, the dual lightning adapter might be a nice fix.

I used to use my tablet as a controller when playing games, so it seemed like a natural fit for something like this. Its also a bit of a pain to get things like the flashlight working on my tablet, but otherwise that’s not the biggest issue.

Yeah, the dual lightning adapter is definitely a nice solution for those who want to use one hand to control your phone and the other hand to control your tablet. It’s just a shame that it isn’t working on the iPhone, and even worse that you can’t use it on iPads.