One of our favorite features for our new Mac computers is the ability to use the external DVD drive as an optical drive. This external optical drive can hold multiple DVDs and can be connected via a USB cable.

The optical drive is still a little klunky in the new version of imac, but we’re still liking it.

This optical drive is one of the first of its kind to hit the Mac. Apple’s first external optical drive was a USB port, so it’s not new.

I am the first to admit it is a bit clumsy, but there is a reason why I’m not using an external hard drive (at least for storage). External hard drives are not as reliable as internal ones and have a tendency to fail, either from a lack of power or due to a bug in the drive. So the external optical drives are not recommended.

The Imac was supposed to be a replacement for the Mac’s internal hard drive. But then Apple started selling USB-C. USB-C is an interface for charging of both USB and power supplies, so the USB-C drive is not so much a replacement for the Mac’s internal hard drive, but more of a plug-and-play replacement for Macs that are already equipped with USB-C ports.

USB-C is a completely different interface than USB. When Apple introduced USB-C, they were saying that USB was going to be getting a software-only interface in the future. But then Apple decided to change the way they were doing things. The USB-C port is still a USB port, but now Apple is also saying that they will allow the USB-C port to be used for both power and data.

USB-C is a totally different interface. Sure, it’s a USB port, but it’s not a USB port. It’s more of a way to plug in a USB device, which is great if you don’t have a USB-C to USB cable.

USB-C and Thunderbolt are two completely different interfaces. USB-C is a plug. Thunderbolt is a slot. The plug is more about the physical interface, the slot is more about the software interface. That being said, you cant use a USB cable between the two. So if you are going to use a USB cable from one device to the other, you need to use an adapter.

It is also an optical drive. If you have an older Mac, you can use that to plug your USB-C memory card in. It comes with a USB to FireWire adapter that makes it a lot easier to use.

Most USB-C adapters are USB-C to Thunderbolt adapters. The Thunderbolt interface is a 2.0 interface, meaning that it supports both Thunderbolt and USB high-speed. If you are using a Thunderbolt to USB adapter, you are actually using more than just the high-speed USB interface. Your device is basically plugged into the plug that is in the slot.