It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Apple products. I am as guilty as anyone when it comes to picking up a new phone. I was in the Apple store the other day and the saleswoman asked me to choose from different categories of the new iPhone and I was like…okay, I’m done.

I was in the Apple Store, but I was also in a different store that day. I asked the salesperson about the different colors and he said the iPhone 12 was a new color, the 128GB version would be called the iPhone 12s, and the 128GB version would be called the iPhone 12s+ (as in a bigger iPhone)? I asked him again and he seemed to think this was a joke, so I gave him the answer I gave to the salesperson.

So they have two different iPhone colors? I love the iPhone and I had never seen a black iPhone before, but I could get used to this color, I just have no idea why it would be called a black iPhone.

This is because the iPhone 12, iPhone 12s, and iPhone 12s Plus are all iPhones with very similar features. They all have the same A10 chip, the same dual-front cameras, and the same 12-megapixel dual-cameras that the iPhone X does, but the iPhone 12s does have its own “slim” design, which may be what he means by “black.

This phone also looks a lot like the iPhone X, so we can probably assume that it is, in fact, the iPhone 12s. I’m not sure if this means it is the 12s Plus, but it could be (I don’t have an iPhone 12s Plus myself).

Yeah, it’s just like the iPhone X. That is, it’s an iPhone with a different camera, which will give it a different feel. It’s kind of interesting to see how different the iPhone 12s is from the iPhone X, and also how similar this phone is to the iPhone X. I think the iPhone 12s looks quite nice. It’s definitely pretty different from the iPhone X in some ways.

It’s just not about the iPhone 12s, but the fact that its a different phone means its not the iPhone 12. It is a different phone than the iPhone X.

Its a different phone than the iPhone X? Really? Well, yeah. Its a different phone than the iPhone X. But it’s not a different phone than the iPhone X. Its a different phone from the iPhone X. The iPhone X will play a few games I really like, but it still isn’t like the iPhone X.

My personal opinion is that this phone is the best. It does a lot of things I like, it has a great camera, it is beautiful, it is thin, it has great battery life, and it is more expensive than my iPhone.

I really agree with this. I love how the iPhone X is a bit different than the iPhone 8. It has a bigger screen, a higher resolution, a bigger battery, better cameras, and a better camera.