This is what happens when you put two of the same brand in the same category. When you compare these two phones, it’s pretty clear who has the best phone. They both have more features, more battery life, and bigger screens.

The only thing that might be different between these brands is how their screens are laid out. The iPhone 12’s screen is a little smaller and has less pixels than the 8″. I’m not an expert on screen sizes, but I’ve seen some people compare it to a small phone. You can buy an iPhone for $150.

The only thing that might be different between these two phones is the size of the screen. The iPhone 12s screen has fewer pixels than the 8. Its also smaller. This is because the iPhone 12s had a 4″ screen whereas the 8 has a 5.5″ screen. The 8 also has the same number of pixels on the sides of the screen as the 12s.

The 8 screen is smaller and lighter, which should make it easier to carry and more comfortable to use.

Personally the iPhone is one of the best gadgets for taking photos. You can take many photos with the phone, and the camera is simple to use. It doesn’t have a big screen like a mobile phone, and it can also fit in your pocket.

I think it depends on what you want to do with your pictures. If you want to share them with your friends and family on facebook, then theres no question in my mind that the iPhone is the best camera for that purpose. However if you are just looking for a quick and easy way to take some of your photos, I dont think that the iPhone is the best option.

iphone 8 is actually more of a point and shoot camera. There are some who consider that the best camera for taking photos and videos. The problem with that is that it has a small screen, and can only take very small images. The iphone 8 has a larger screen, and is much easier to use. I have however found that even the iphone 7 is easier to use with the exception of the camera.

Most people who have used the iPhone 7 find that the camera is easier to use than the iPhone 6, but the screen size is bigger and the camera is smaller, so it is a bit hard to get a good picture with the iPhone 7.

iphone 8 is an excellent camera, but the screen is larger, making the photos smaller. I personally think that the iphone 7 is much easier to use.

The iPhone 7 is a much better camera for landscape shots than the iPhone 6, because the iPhone 6 is a good camera for portrait shots. Even the iPhone 8 camera is a better camera for landscape shots than the iPhone 7.