I have been in the market for an iphone 5 for a while now but I can’t find one that’s truly the right size for me. The iphone 6 Plus is just so much better in every way than the iphone 5.

For most people, the iphone is the first or second choice for a new phone. If you’re a big fan of the iPhone, you’ll find it hard to go wrong with the iphone 6 Plus. For the rest of us, who don’t have a huge iPhone fan in our lives, the iphone 5 is a pretty good substitute.

The iphone 5 has a lot of features that the iphone 6 Plus can’t come close to. It comes with a bigger screen (12.9MP), dual cameras, and a larger battery. The iphone 5 also has a faster processor, which is a big plus for those of us who want a phone that will run their apps fast.

It really depends on your needs. For me, the iphone 5 will do the job. If I want to watch movies or play games (or both), the iPhone 5 is the way to go. If I want to do a lot of things that are more involved in digital media, the iPhone 5 wins.

I am not going to deny that the iphone 6 Plus is great. But the question is, in a month if you change your mind, do you really want to give up a big money deal and be stuck with a phone that doesn’t allow you to do all that you want to do? The iPhone 6 Plus is just too nice a phone to give up your phone’s capabilities without a fight. I don’t think its worth it.

That is basically what I think about when I think of the iPhone 6 Plus. It does everything I want it to, and it costs less than the iPhone 5. It is not too expensive. But it does allow you to do things that would be difficult or dangerous in the iPhone 5 without it. So I think it’s a great phone, but not worth giving up the big money deal to get it.

If you want to get your hands on a smartphone, you can just buy the iPhone 6 Plus. But iPhone 5 owners can also get the iPhone 6 (which is essentially the same phone, but with the new 6 Plus camera) for much cheaper than the iPhone 6 Plus, so they can get the iPhone 6 for slightly less money and still be able to afford the new iPhone 6 Plus.

iphone 5 vs iphone 6? I would say the first is better because it doesn’t have the new camera, but it still has some great features. It can play video and music, which is great. But as for a lot of the apps in the new iphone are just better on iphone 5.

iphone 6s vs iphone 6s Plus I would say the 6s is better because you get the new camera, it has a bigger screen, and it doesn’t have any bloatware on it. It’s also a lot cheaper. iphone 5s vs iphone 5 Plus I would say the 5 plus is better because iphone 5s has the new camera, and it has a bigger screen. It’s also cheaper, so you can afford it.