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The new iphone looks awesome. I love the white color, the black design, and the fact that it looks really sharp and sleek. The 128gb of storage is a little over-priced, but i think the phone is a great buy for most people, and it has a lot to recommend it.

The iphone is one of the best all-around iphones of the last year. I have this phone (the new iphone) and its a great phone. It looks good, has a great screen, and a great camera. Its also got one of the greatest cameras of the year, the new apple iphone’s camera is one of the best I’ve seen.

This is my second iphone for my wife and I and the iphone 12 is one of the best phones Ive ever used. Ive tested a few iphones over the years and this is the best phone Ive ever used and its a great phone.

The iPhone is the best iphone for a reason. It’s got a great screen, a great camera, and a great battery life. The new iphone 12 is one of the best phones out there. It’s got a great screen, great camera, a great battery life, and is super cheap.

Apple has also had incredible success with its cameras, but I think the iPhone has been at the forefront of innovation. Not only because of its camera, but because of its software. The iPhone is the most widely-purchased smartphone in the world, and is the only one with an app store. That’s why the iPhone has come to be known as the iPhone of apps, and rightly so.

I don’t know if anyone else is as big on apps as I am, but I think Apple’s apps store has probably been the most successful in the world, with apps like iMessage, Maps, Twitter, and the recently announced Apple Music. Its also one of the best places to buy apps because you can buy them for up to $100.

And as an iPhone owner myself, I don’t think Apple has done too bad with their iPhones. I think they are the best mobile device out there, and that people are getting the best of both worlds, with their iOS devices and Android devices. I also think that people are getting a lot of the best apps, and that they are paying a premium for them. Thats probably why this phone has been so popular.

Well, I can say that it has been the best mobile phone I have bought so far. To me its like a good combo of iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Its not the best phone out there but its the best phone I have for an iPhone. The only phone that I have that is better is the Samsung Galaxy S 3. I was hoping they would give the iPhone 4 the same attention but they didn’t.

The iPhone 4 is a device that is designed to be a single device that can handle a lot of different tasks. It is not meant to replace your phone. It is not meant to replace your iPad. It is not meant to replace your iPod touch. That would be stupid. Apple is the company that makes the best phone, and they are the only company that makes a good phone. iphone 4 has a camera and an 8 megapixel camera.