iphone xs max is our favorite phone for some reason. It’s got a beautiful metal and glass home screen, it’s got a huge 5.5-inch screen, it’s got a fast processor, and it runs iOS 8.1.2.

However, its not all apple. While many of its features like the beautiful home screen, the huge screen, and the fast processor are undeniable, its also got a rather infamous battery life. Its about 3 hours, tops.

This phone is also known for its infamous battery life. It has a life between two and twenty minutes in a single charge. This is pretty bad, especially when you consider most people buy their phones for a few hundred bucks, and the phone gets charged every 10 minutes, and the battery lasts twice as long.

Well, that’s the story of the iPhone. But if you’ve ever used one, the “life between two and twenty minutes in a single charge” is downright shocking.

How about 3 hours? I wouldn’t be surprised if it lasted between three to five hours, because it does take a while to get used to the idea of the phone being on for that long. The iPhone’s life between two and twenty minutes is a little short, but it’s still a pretty long phone.

A lot of people claim the iPhone’s battery life isnt so long, but it may be. The phone has a lithium ion battery that is constantly recharging itself, meaning that the phone is constantly charged. The iPhone is also so small you can only charge it on one side of the phone and on the bottom of the phone, so we’re talking about a lot of battery life.

The iPhone can also be charged while it’s in use. But that’s not really an idea for everyone. If you want to charge your iPhone it’s best to either keep it near your charging cable, or you can take out the battery and charge it separately. If you take the battery out, you can then charge the phone while you’re in your pocket.

iPhone battery life is important because it can be used to recharge your iPad. The iPad is so large it can easily charge itself while it is in use. This is not an iPhone feature however. The iPhone can only be charged on one side of the phone or bottom of the phone.

It’s easy to charge the iPhone in your pocket, but not so easy to charge the iPad. Once you have finished charging the iPad you can then charge the iPhone. This is because the iPhone is not yet fully charged. This means that you can’t just connect your iPhone to your computer and start charging your iPad.

The reason we can not charge the iPhone on the iPhone side of the phone is because the phone’s battery is only fully charged when it hits full power. Once it starts to drop in battery power the iPhone can no longer charge, or you can not charge the iPhone at all. The only way to charge an iPad is on the iPad side of the phone.