I’ve been in this situation before and I’ve also tried to figure it out. In the end, I think I did a pretty good job of it. I’ve got an external hdmi port hooked up that I use to video record my macbook pro and I use that port on my tv.

I have an apple tv connected to my tv via the apple hdmi port. I get my mac from the apple store and I only buy macs from apple. The apple tv is connected to my mac by a dvi cable. Ive never had issues connecting to hdmi or any dvi port in my macbook pro.

Ive been looking for a good hdmi apple adapter but I havent found one yet. I would have to run the cable from the external hdmi port to the dvi cable, but that kind of defeats the purpose of doing it the way I have it set up now. If a hdmi port is hooked up to your mac, your tv will need to be hooked up to your tv and not your external hdmi port.

You want to use your mac’s tv port to connect to your external hdmi port, but you don’t want to have to run the cable from your external hdmi port to your mac. The apple tv is a display for your mac’s tv, so your mac doesn’t need to be hooked up to a dvi or hdmi port in order for it to work.

It’s not a whole lot more complicated than that, but it’s still confusing. I’d suggest reading this helpful article on dvi cables before you go about changing your hdmi port connection.

The apple tv works on any apple computer, including laptops. It works best with apple computers with a built-in hdmi port. If you have an apple computer with an external hdmi port, then you can use it with the apple tv.

My first thought was to just use a hdmi cable to connect the tv to the hdmi port, but then I remembered that there’s no way on the hdmi cable to tell if it’s working. So I took the cable out of the box and plugged it into the hdmi port. Now I can tell what the tv is showing when I plug it in, and it works.

Apple’s own design for a hdmi cable makes it easier to connect to hdmi, but the adapter is really just a usb cable. I haven’t tested it with an apple tv, but I think the adapter will work fine for apple computers.

The thunderbolt cable is a new addition to the apple tv line. For years apple tv owners had to use a small adapter to connect to the thunderbolt cable. Now with the thunderbolt cable, you can just plug the hdmi cable into the thunderbolt port. This adapter allows the apple tv to hook up with thunderbolt cables for the first time.

Apple tv owners have been wanting a thunderbolt adapter for a while now, and now comes the thunderbolt to hdmi adapter. I was first introduced to the thunderbolt cable in the apple tv, but apple tv owners have been waiting for a thunderbolt adapter for years. With the thunderbolt cable, you can now connect to hdmi (from apple tv) and use thunderbolt cables on your apple tv.