This USB-to-Ethernet adapter offers fast, easy connectivity for most laptop and desktop computer devices without needing to connect a cable.

Not only is the adapter compatible with standard USB ports on most devices, including those made by Apple, but you can also use it with devices that are not standard USB ports. USB-C, which extends the USB protocol to the second-generation high-speed connection, means you can use it with devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones.

I use this adapter to connect my laptops to my Macbook Pro. I do have a couple of USB-C MacBook Pros left, so I’m not holding my breath for a Thunderbolt-equipped Mac.

Because USB-C devices need to be plugged into a USB port to function, the adapter you buy needs to work with this port. If you buy a USB-C to Ethernet adapter, you’ll need to plug it into the computer’s USB port as well.

I bought two for my MacBook Pro and they work fine. I also bought a USB-C to USB-C adapter and it works great, too. This is a fairly common adapter, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

I love that this is a plug-in adapter. You dont need to use adapters for USB sticks.

Yes, plugging in an ethernet cable to your computer for the first time will take a bit of extra time, but if youre having trouble, plugging your ethernet cable into your computer for the first time is a quick and easy way to get everything working, no matter if youre working from a USB stick or a USB-C to Ethernet adapter.

This adapter works great and can be a great way to use a computer that does not have an ethernet port. Though I dont recommend it for users on a computer that does not have an ethernet port. Because my computer already has an ethernet port, it can be a lot of work to set up your computer to use it.

The USB-C to Ethernet adapter is one of the best things to come out in the last couple years. Its a standard that allows you to plug a USB-C to ethernet adaptor into your computer and have your computer use the USB-C ports for your ethernet cables. This can be a pretty painless setup, and it can be a great way to use your computer that doesn’t have an ethernet port.

I will say that most folks do not seem to like the USB-C to ethernet adapter. I mean, they seem to think it’s a pain to setup when it isn’t. It also takes longer to put together as compared to the adapter itself, so it doesn’t seem to be a good idea to use it if you have a lot of ports going to your computer.