The demand for cannabis is rising due to its therapeutic properties. Many countries have legalized or decriminalized this drug for recreational and medical purposes. Also, many doctors prescribe medical weed to treat chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and other concerns. Medical cannabis has been used by people since ancient times. Also, young people often use this drug for recreational purposes. They get high fast after consuming marijuana. They use this drug through smoking, eating edibles, etc. 

Many people purchase and use cannabis where it is legalized by the government. Customers above the age of 21 can consume weed. Also, many people get laced weed when they purchase it from dealers. In this article, we will tell you about the best way to avoid using crack laced weed:  

Signs Of Laced Cannabis

Laced weed refers to weed-infused with other dangerous drugs. Laced cannabis often contains cocaine, LSD, heroin, and other hard drugs. It is revealed that Fentanyl chemical is found often in laced weed. Many people experience dangerous effects after consuming this drug. Many times, people need urgent medical attention after taking laced weed. Sometimes, it is difficult for customers to identify the laced weed. But you can remember some signs of laced weed and protect yourself. 

Laced weed has an unusual smell that a regular weed smoker can detect. You can remember the odor of marijuana. Also, laced weed has an unusual taste. Also, laced weed comes in odd packaging. Original cannabis comes with a stamp purchased from a licensed marijuana store. Discoloration or whitening of leaves of cannabis is also a sign of laced weed. So, you should remember the signs of laced weed and try to avoid using it to keep yourself healthy. 

Side Effects Of Laced Weed 

People need to stay cautious about laced weed or panic attacks. They start to feel nauseous after taking laced weed. This weed creates discomfort due to overdose. Nausea or vomiting is a dangerous sign that you should not ignore. Laced weed is also responsible for increasing anxiety. If weed is infused with hard drugs and you consume it, you will start feeling depressed. Laced weed triggers anxiety in people. Laced weed creates a chemical imbalance in humans. 

Also, many people get panic attacks after consuming laced cannabis. You should seek medical help if you experience this side effect. Laced weed also creates many stomach problems including gastrointestinal distress. Also, weed-infused with hard drugs can cause diarrhea. 

Taking Treatment For Marijuana Addiction 

The best way to stay away from using laced weed is to overcome your marijuana addiction. You need to stop using cannabis if it is deteriorating your health. Many people quit marijuana to stay away from its side effects. Also, if you face problems in spotting laced weed, then it is better to stop consuming this drug.  

People who want to stop using this drug, can take help from their doctor or go to rehab for cannabis addiction treatment. Many people go for detox or therapy to overcome weed addiction.