A paint job is crucial to help you elevate your living space and protect your house’s structural integrity. With exterior painting, you can save your walls, make them visually appealing and even increase your house’s property value. It is a one-step transformation that can have a significant and lasting impact on how the world and you perceive your home. 

The average annual salary for the top 10% of painters lafayette indiana, is $48960, which is considered a highly esteemed job in the region. With numerous painters available, you can easily opt for getting your house professionally painted for the best results. Hiring these painting services can be extremely helpful. From labor costs to materials, they will cover everything giving you a seamless home renovation experience.

 Here are some expert techniques followed by painters to ensure you get desired results. 

. They Will Always Test A Patch First

Patching testing is essential before a paint job. First, they will find a small area and prepare it well for painting. Once the prepping and priming are over, it is left to dry overnight, and a layer of tape is put over the region. If paint residue is on the tape, they’ll start stripping all the old to ensure the new paint sticks.

Moreover, if your walls were painted using oil-based paints, they’ll prefer to remove all the existing paint starting afresh. It is crucial when painting latex over your walls. Whether sanding your walls or stripping them, painters will ensure that the surfaces are clean before they start. Compared to other cities in the State, painters in Lafayette, Indiana, have an annual salary of 22.1%. Thus, along with their tricks, they offer their services at affordable prices.

. They Will Prep Your Walls Well

Once the old paint is off, they will invest time ensuring that your walls are well-prepped before painting over them. Scaly and flakey barriers prevent the color from sticking, and wet or dirty surfaces can make them appear blotchy and textured. Thus, to ensure that the walls appear clean and neat, they will clean the surface effectively to neutralize any particles on the walls. 

Then, the professionals will follow it up with a quick round of sanding to get rid of texture and buildup. Once your walls are clean and ready to go, they will continue to apply a layer of primer over them. It will ensure that the paint takes well and doesn’t get streaky or blotchy after drying. They will also invest in high-quality painting tools such as water-resistant paints, sandpaper, wire brushes, industrial scrapers, and rollers to make the job easier. 

. Take All The Necessary Precautions To Ensure Safety

It was common for most houses to use lead-based paints until the late 1970s. Suppose you want to remodel your outdoors or invest in exterior wall painting. In that case, it becomes crucial that all the old paint is removed to ensure that the new paint sticks well. However, suppose the renovation has been long due. In that case, it is wise to enlist in services offered by painters in Lafayette, Indiana. Hiring experts when you suspect lead paints is essential since they can be highly toxic. Moreover, you can find these services available at budget-friendly rates. 

. Get Rid Of Mold And Other Organic Growth

Environmental exposure, rain, sunlight, and winds can contribute to the growth of organic matter such as mold, mildew, and other fungi on your walls. In these cases, you painters will ensure to get rid of this before you start painting, and they will opt for a bleach-based solution to kill the growth effectively. 

Final Words

With Layfette emerging as the shipping hub and market for agricultural produce, houses here have seen a drastic rise in their property value. Thus, if you too want to increase your house’s value and elevate its appeal, contact professionals for exterior painting solutions to protect your home.